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Anonymous: "AWESOME SIDE BLOG <3 <3 You should do some Mayday Parade gifs, just a suggestion c:"

Seeing them last month sparked my love for them again so I just might.

Anonymous: "Because you're automatically a dumb fuck for making a mistake on some gifs. God damn shut up and go away. That's the dumbest thing Ever"

Anonymous: "Your tssf edit annoys me. Can you please edit it or admit you're a dumb fuck? It's high regard. So either you don't actually like them and you just made the edit for notes, or you're just dumb."

Anonymous: "do you make the gifs yourself or do you find them online? some of the lyrics are wrong. no offence :-) other than that your blog is r cool and I hope you have a nice day"

Make them. Ahh, I know, my bad. Thanks though dear.